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Monday, August 4, 2008

Failure Is Success Misspelled

Success is Failure Misspelled- Daily Motivation

I have a powerful motivation quote to share today. It's actually more of a poem really. My sister who is a fantastic writer shared this with me. She and I both write poetry in our spare time. Let me know how you feel about this one.

"Success is a fantastic journey
towards the fulfillment of your dreams.
You take this journey one day at a time
encountering success and failure along the way.
Failure is simply success misspelled.
Therefore,embrace each failure as if it were your first love,
because without failure there is no success.
Your failures are the learning blocks
and the stepping stones towards your success in life."

© 2004 Gloria Pierce-Montoya

Is this not true? How do you spell success? Your setbacks are only setups for your comebacks. You cannot determine your future potential by temporary circumstances. Failure is your friend when you use it for feedback instead of just drawing back.

Sure we all encounter challenges and reversals of fortune at sundry points along our life's journey. But is that not the challenge?! To overcome and to not be denied our right to abundance?

To finish strong should be the goal of everyone. You should desire to arrive at the end of our life having used life up as much you possibly could have! To be able to say that you simply could not squeeze anything else out of your life regarding what you wanted to do, what you wanted to become and what you wanted to have is to have lived life well. You can can look back in great satisfaction while hearing others say to you "well done".

I want to encourage you to dream fantastically and let failure be your stepping stone and not a stumbling block! Live life to the fullest and love hard! Serve others well and always believe in your dreams.

Failure is simply success misspelled. What you think is before you to hurt your is reall an opportunity to commit even more to your own success. Your daily motivation depends on your commitment to spelling your personal success with a victory mindset. As noted inspirational mover and shaker Mike Litman says...

"You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going!"

© 2004 T. L. Pakii Pierce - Upgrade Your Mind
The Mindset Motivator
"Think Well & Finish Strong!"