Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to download Dota 2 Replay Manually

I'm sure many people want to watch replay but always got error/ slow internet speed

So this is guide on how to download replay manually

1) Download wireshark, then install it - Wireshark

2) Open wireshark, click "capture" at top menu, then select interface. just select all interface you had if you dont know which 1 to choose, then click "start"
user posted image 

3) In filter textbox, put this string
http.request.uri contains "/570/"

http.request.uri contains "/570/"

user posted image

4) Open Dota 2, go to watch>open any match you want to watch, then click match detail. see that download replay button? dont click it
user posted image

5) Alt-tab to wireshark back, click the HEAD packet, click small + sign at Hypertext Transfer protocol section, see link at the bottom, right click that link, select copy, select value
user posted image

6) open your browser or download manager, then paste
user posted image

7) After finish download, open that downloaded file with winrar, extract file inside it into
:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays

8) rename the downloaded file from xxxxxxxx_yyyyyyyyy.dem to xxxxxxxxxx.dem

9) that replay can be watch already

got any question, feel free to ask

credit to waistless from dev.dota2
Original LINK


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Anonymous said...

replay dari tournament match bole donlod gak?xperlu tiket bole tgk jgk?

MarkQim F. Stiffler said...

kalo tourney kene ad tiket gak...huhuhuu